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Dalbello Guitars is the culmination of many years of honing the various skills required to build high quality instruments and manage the many aspects of running a custom shop.

Throughout a long career, I, Larry Dalbello, have built and constructed a great many things. From homes and humble fences to elegant kitchen cabinets, always insisting on the highest quality I could achieve.


The idea of Dalbello Guitars really began in 2011 when I decided to put down the hammer and follow my luthiery dream after 35 years of woodworking, carpentry and construction.

After spending 5 years prototyping instruments and developing original designs, we, now a small collective of talented individuals, are ready to showcase what Dalbello Guitars can do and take public orders.

Wanting our instruments to go to good homes, we personally take the time to get to know interested artists and clients. This helps us learn more about you, your playing style and what you might be after.

Despite being a small team, we are extremely committed to making sure our clients receive not only a high quality instrument, that uses well resourced timber and high quality hardware but is extremely playable, and a great experience.

Now I bring you what I've learned, what I hope to achieve, with the confidence that my visions will guide my intentions and my intentions will exceed my visions.

Building guitars has been some of the most fulfilling work I have undertaken in my career and has allowed me to connect with talented individuals all around the world. If you're interested in getting your own Dalbello instrument,  please reach out!

- Larry Dalbello

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