Dalbello Entropy

The Dalbello Entropy v1.0 was the first headless multiscale body option available from us at Dalbello Guitars in 2017.

The two original prototypes were initially designed as personal instruments to send out to demonstrate our headless multiscale models.

However after a significant amount of inquiries to see more headless configurations from us we have opted to release a 2018 version of the Entropy to allow for even greater customization for our clients.*


The deep armrest gives comfort for players, especially when coupled with great higher fret access and ergonomic neck access carves, creating more space for easy rapid hand movement.

This model is a great fit for players looking for a lightweight easy to play instrument whose  limitations are set by the player.

All our instruments are heavily customizable to become what the player needs and seeks for their own individual aesthetic, style and sound. We offer standard scale lengths, multi scale options, set-neck, bolt-on neck and neck through construction.

* Entropy 2.0 will be released Q4 2018


Due to the nature of our custom shop, every instrument is uniquely customized to the player which can create additional fees depending on the specifications chosen.

The main factors affecting price would be the woods chosen and hardware selected.

Our base prices include a 25.5 / 26 / 26.5 / 27"/ 28" scale length, solid-body 2 piece natural swamp ash, sapele, or black/white limba body, bolt-on neck construction, a flamed maple or pau ferro fingerboard, a 5 piece maple and walnut neck, carbon fibre rods, stainless steel frets, black hardware, a Hipshot headless bridge system, 3-way switch and ebony knobs and a hard case.


Any changes to the above specifications are considered an upgrade and will increase the price.

See our woods page and order form to learn more about the materials we like to use on our guitars. 

Get in contact to learn a detailed breakdown of what your build will come up to.