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Our ordering process is extremely straightforward and comprehensive with all stock shapes/models having dedicated customization options. From hardware to neck profiles and down to even the colour of the screws, we've got you covered.

How To Order

You can download the order form "here", and once filled, send it to:

We have a large amount of options to choose from when creating your build, so if any help is needed to fill out the aforementioned form, all you've got to do is ask!

If you're interested in our ukulele or acoustic line, these are made during specific points of the year so get in contact to reserve a spot on our waiting list.

Once the form is completed we give you a quote after a couple of days, along with our insights and suggestions.

*Note that all prices on the website are guidelines and are subject to fluctuate




Our average turnaround time is 3-4 months for our base models, however this is completely dependent on the intricacy of the build.

Once we're agreed on final specifications, we take a 50% non-refundable deposit to purchase everything we need, with the other 50% split up over the course of the build.

We have a variety of payment methods and plans to make guitars accessible to players of all levels and backgrounds. So when ordering please enquire if you're interesting in learning more about our payment plans.


Due to the nature of our line of work, most clients are wanting something different and unique.

Instruments with increased and varied customization tend to require more effort, time and specificity. So please note that the more customization beyond the limited options available for base models, the more significantly the cost can potentially increase above the base prices shown on the website.

If you’re looking for a lower cost instrument, we would suggest a base model, however you're a serious artist / musician get in contact to see if you're eligible for our artist discounts / endorsement opportunities.

We aim to get Dalbello instruments out to players of all styles and backgrounds, from high school students and bedroom guitarists to active musicians and seasoned players.

Please let us know more about yourself when sending in a form so we can have a better understanding of your needs as we begin the order

Special Order

We also offer an even more in-depth customization option where we collaborate with clients to make an instrument tailored to the user by using or modifying our own shapes.

If you really wanted, we're even open to designing completely new models to turn concepts into reality.

Please specify on the sheet if you're interested in a custom shape and we can liaise further on how to achieve that.

Do note, that we take special orders on a case by case basis and only if the ideas are grounded in reality.

Over the years we have had many types of outlandish inquiries so please think carefully before when compiling ideas for a new custom instrument shape.


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